Name Wanda
Sex Female
Age N/A ( could be Kelly's age; 12)
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Student
Best friend
Introduced in Guy n Doll, episode 11
Voiced by Cecelia Ramsdale

Wanda is a girl who Guy has a crush on- who also attends Megadale High School; most likely seen hanging around her best friend Kelly in most episodes. She mostly gives off a rather snarky attitude towards both Guy and Maz for their rather stupid stunts. Wanda also runs MegaDale Middle School's newspaper.


Wanda's appearance consists of;

  • Golden blonde hair, ending at a length that went slightly past the shoulders.
  • A smear of a pale auburn lipstick on her lips.
  • A white, short sleeved dress shirt, something similiar to what Kelly wears underneath her vest; except shorter sleeves.
  • A black skirt that ends at the middle of her thighs, with slight ruffled, creases.
  • A pair of black, slick dress shoes.

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