Uma Thermal
Name Uma Thermal
Sex Female
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Super-Heroine
Introduced in Glamageddon, episode 5
Voiced by Elizabeth Nabben

Uma Thermal is one of the many super heroes who is seen "enforcing rules", also known as one of the two characters who run the Super Hero Action Guild. With her "firey" and uptight attitude, there is no one else more perfect for the job other than Uma.


Uma's appearance consists of;

  • A skin tight full body, red latex bodysuit. Covered in orange tints of flames protruding from the waist down, and from the forearms and wrists. The flames overlapping each other slightly along the waist, along with a large, red "U" on her abdomen to indicate the syllable of her first name.
  • Red, cherry toned hair. Ending before shoulders length.
  • A pair of apple red gloves, ending right before the elbows. Along with a choker to match.
  • A pair of apple red, (similar to her gloves) calf high high-heels. With black painted soles and heels.


  • Fire: Allows Uma to summon bursts of flames from her palms with a single jerk of her hand.
  • Fire Balls: Given the power to throw a solid form of flames at an opposing foe.
  • Sonic Scream: Allows Uma to release a powerful sonic wave when she screams, as seen in her debut episode- similar to SheZow's.
  • Super Strength: gives her the strength powerful enough to throw and/ or lift up a ship or larger.


  • Other than being an entity of body heat, Uma appears to be hotheaded- making her temper quick and overpowered.
  • Apparently, to re-new your super license. You must fight either Captain XL and/ or Uma Thermal.
  • Uma Thermal appears to have a similar name to the famous Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction movie star; Uma Thurman. She is also given a similar hairstyle as Therman's role in Pulp Fiction as Mia Wallace.

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