Spit Bubble
Name Spit Bubble
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in S.I.C.K. Day, episode 7
Voiced by Lyall Brooks

Spit Bubble is a super villain that attacks by using spit bubbles, that also appears to have a lisp, due to the large amount of drool protruding from his mouth.


Spit Bubble's appearance consists of;

  • A green dress shirt, sloppily tucked into the waist of his suspended pants, that also appears to have a small mark of sweat under the armpits.
  • A pair of brown suspenders, attached to a pair of dark brown capri pants.
  • A white pair of tube socks, sticking up to the middle of his calves.
  • A pair of brown dress shoes, with white laces, and white soles.
  • A large unibrow on the top of his eyes.
  • Acne bumps protruding from his cheeks.
  • Red, ginger hair.

Abilities and Powers

  • He can blow spit bubbles that are harder than steel, having the ability to trap people inside of them. (Noticed in the episode S.I.C.K Day when Boxter Hamdon is reading the newspaper and explained in Mr. Nice Guy.)

Episode Appearances



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