Name Sheila
Sex Female
Species Digital lips

Mouth of Ampuneesaleen (Space Parasite)

Occupation Super Computer
Introduced in SheZow Happens, episode 1
Voiced by Jacqueline Brennan

Never has a pair of digital lips had such an acid tongue or a dedicated spirit. In charge of the entire SheZow operation, Sheila is the world's most sophisticated super computer and she'll be the first to tell you so. Other than helping alongside Kelly about keeping Guy in check, she has seemed to warm up to the main protagonists quite easily.


Sheila's appearance consists of:

  • Not only being a pair of digitalized lips, Sheila is shown often on The She-Lair's monitor screen. Standing beside statistics, chart readings, DNA tests, videos to keep watch of the city, and rotations of Guy's body readings.


  • In the episode Unplugged, after trying to teach Guy a lesson after "getting a virus" in her mainframe. It reveals she has two friends who also work alongside superheroes; A battery (The energy source in any type of electronic device) and A magnify glass (used for searching; a search engine.).
  • Sheila had grown fond of the three; Maz, Kelly, and Guy.
  • When Agnes Monroe died, Sheila became depressed. Then, when Guy as SheZow came into the She-Lair, Sheila hoped that Agnes came back. When Sheila did an invisible scan, Sheila was bummed. This is the reason why Sheila gave Guy such a hard time.


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