Shezow ThemeSong
SheZow Logo
Name Shezow ThemeSong
Artist Obie Scott Wade
Type Theme song
Runtime 1:01
Played in ""SheZow Happens""
Shezow Intro

Shezow Intro

The SheZow Theme Song and opening title sequence features all of the main characters, villains and also some of the minor characters. The theme is sung by Jeff Gunn with instruments and backing vocals by Christopher Elves.

Lyrics Edit

(One, two, three, four!)

Guy finds a ring, it does super things.

Now he's secretly SheZow. (SheZow!)

Here to save the world, dressed like a girl.

Sister as a know-how.

Sidekick Maz, cracks him up,

Best friend Guy could ask for.

Villians, beware! SheZow's in his lair!

Lookin' to settle the score! (Hey!)

She-S-P, super strength and speed,

Everything a superhero needs.

Vanishing cream, laser lipstick too.

His big weakness? A messed up 'do!

SheHicle revs with power supreme,

Becomes a plane and a submarine,

Super slap and a sonic scream.

Guy's a kid who's livin' a dream!

SheZow! (SheZow!) Guy is SheZow!

Was his aunt, but he's SheZow now.

SheZow! (SheZow!) Guy is SheZow!

If Dad finds out, he'll have a cow!

Villans on sea and outer space,

Are always gettin' in SheZow's face.

Tara, Tattoozala too.

Watch out, SheZow's after you!

SheZow! (SheZow!) Guy is SheZow!

Kelly and Sheila run the show.

SheZow! (SheZow!) Guy is SheZow!

Boys kick it like bros!

SheZow! (SheZow!) Guy is SheZow!

Never met a hero like him before.

SheZow! (SheZow!) Guy is SheZow!

There's only one SheZow!