"SheZow Meets DudePow"
Season 1, episode 9
Shezow Meets DudePow
Broadcast Number: 17
Airdate: July 27, 2013
Director: Gillian Carr
Jay Surridge
Written by: Keith Wagnar
"Stuck Up"

"SheZow Meets DudePow" is the ninth episode in the first season of SheZow. It is the ninth episode overall.


In the Megadale Ice Company, Cold Finger and his evil penguins plan on firing the giant Ice Caliber 2.0 freeze ray gun at Megadale. Suddenly, SheZow enters and defeats them, but not before breaking the lens on the ray gun causing it to malfunction and create a giant portal. DudePow, an alternate reality version of SheZow emerges from the portal. When the cops arrive, the heroes flee and Grilla, a heat powered villain from another dimension, emerges from the portal. Grilla runs off with Cold Finger and together they try to steal lenses from the Statue of Fliberty so they can repair the Ice Caliber. SheZow and DudePow try to stop them but keep arguing with each other so the bad guys get away. After freezing the business district, the villains get ready to freeze the rest of Megadale when DudePow and SheZow arrive. Grilla and Cold Finger get the best of them at first, but then the heroes learn to work together and capture the bad guys. DudePow takes Grilla back into the portal, but not before Maz Kepler sees Maizy, a girl version of himself, and asks if it's weird to crush on yourself from another dimension.