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SheZow (Guy Hamdon)
Name SheZow
Age N/A (currently 12)
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Super-heroine
Relatives Kelly Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Droosha Hamdon
Agnes Monroe
Cowgirl SheZow
Roman SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Introduced in SheZow; SheZow Happens, Episode 1
Voiced by David-Myles Brown (Australia)

Samuel Vincent (In all English-speaking territories outside Australia)

Peter Sterner (UK redub, uncredited)

'''SheZow''' is Guy Hamdon, a wannabe Pretty cure.


SheZow's appearance consists of;

  • A light pink, cheetah printed body suit hidden underneath the outfit- ending at the wrists and ankles and revealing the collar bone and neck.
  • A pink choker; similar to the color of the gloves.
  • Gloves; pointed at the ends; covering the whole hand on each arm. Ending at the elbows.
  • A magenta corset, with white straps that hold the famous ''SheZow S symbol'' in the center.
  • White, thigh high go-go boots with pink soles.
  • A belt; designed in the colors of black and pink; with an array of holders and pockets for weapons and accessories. Dawned with the classic SheZow symbol in the center.
  • A cape down to the bottoms of his feet, the colors of a violet pink, with the tip of hot pink.
  • A violet pink skirt, that ends at the middle of his/her thighs. Giving off a brighter shine on the side.
  • Long ebony hair that ends past the shoulders with a curl, along with a magenta and grey pair of streaks and a wave at the top of the forehead.
  • Makeup: Pink eye shadow, a small coating of blush, thick drawn on eyebrows, and a mole on the right cheek.    

Alter Ego

  • SheZow Noir was the black-clad version of the hero's costume created in an attempt to make Megadale's hero graphic novel worthy who was featured in the episode; Black Is The New Pink, even though Guy achieved the darker, grittier tone; he was nearly defeated because he failed to realize that SheZow's powers comes from the color pink.


  • Super Sonic Shriek: SheZow is able to throw his/her voice at a high rate and pitch.
  • Heavy Handed Super She-Slap: SheZow's hand is able to swell up to a large size, being able to smack away his/her enemies.
  • Super Speed: Grants SheZow to be 10 times faster than Sonic The Hedgehog, also allows SheZow to save the day in a nick of time.
  • She-SP: This power allows SheZow to know when there is danger.
  • Flight: SheZow received this power in Transformation Overload.
  • Wind Winkers: SheZow's eyelashes can grow to a large state, being able to blow away enemies.
  • Animal Communication: SheZow is able to communicate with animals, power was received in Shesquatch.
  • Beautility Belt: An arsenal of super technology, that is able to hold SheZow's weapons.
  • Super Strength: Similar to the power of Superman, SheZow can lift ordinarily heavy objects with ease.

Weapons and Tools

  • Vanishing cream: A tube of cream that makes SheZow disappear once fully covered in the cream.
  • Boomerang Brush: An un-ordinary brush, that flips and transforms into a boomerang.
  • Insect She-Pellent: Can fight off bugs/insects- disorients user if used wrong.
  • Ballistic Fishnets: An orb that explodes into a net to capture enemies.
  • Mega She-Zow Super Umbrella:
  • Rope In A Can: SheZow uses this weapon to tie up enemies- appearing in a string like substance Similar to Silly String or Whip Cream.
  • Compact Communicator: Used by SheZow to contact Kelly in the episode Sarcazmo the Great.
  • Mega Mascara Whiplash: A whip that SheZow received while battling Tara in the Episode ShePhat
  • Turbo tweezers: Allows SheZow to pluck any civilian and/or enemy from harms way, first introduced on ''SheZow Wow-Day" in the episode SheZap is Whack.
  • Clippers of Courage: Used in the episode Glamageddon to fight off Tara's ''Nails of Annihilation.
  • Mega She-Lastic Super Scrunchie: A super hair elastic; used in a similar fashion to rope, as it's used to capture enemies. Introduced in SheZow for a Day.
  • Super Funtastic Mega She-raser. Given as a gift by Sheila in SheZon's Greetings, this weapon allows SheZow to erase the animated graffiti controlled by Tattoozala.
  • Super She-ttractive Mega Magnet:  U-shaped magnet cladded with a pink shade similar to the Laser Lipstick; this weapon has such a powerful magnetic force to attract any metal object (e.x.- a ferris wheel). Used and introduced in Null and Void.


  • The Original plot of SheZow was shown back on May 4, 2007 on Disney Channel's shorts series Shorty McShort Shorts with episode 1, The pilot of SheZow.
  • SheZow has always remained a female, until Guy stole the ring from Kelly.
  • Whenever something bad happens to SheZow's hair, his/her powers are weakened.
  • SheZow's powers tend to malfunction whenever she falls ill. 
  • SheZow can breathe in space according to the creator of SheZow.
  • SheZow's superpowers are also effected by the color pink in her costume; When she doesn't wear it, her powers tend to stop functioning. (Revealed in the episode; Black Is The New Pink.)
  • SheZow recharges powers by interacting with nature.
  • According to Kelly, she says in "SheZow for a Day" that SheZow rule no.3 says SheZow is on call at all times (Meaning constantly available).
  • It takes approximately 5 seconds for SheZow to run around Megadale. That's faster than Sonic and Keemstar combined (As shown in the first episode).
  • According to the SheZow Rulebook in regulation 127B subsection 3c; the ring can be removed for a single day as long as; It's after or before a day ending in the letter "y", during any post-pop leap year on the astronomical calendar of Gladious, and in the event that SheZow has a twin sister.
  • SheZow/Guy's cover was almost blown five times; Bragging about SheZow/ Guy saving people at the dinner table (SheZow Happens), in an interview with Wanda (ShePal), SheZow/Guy talking out of character to Boxter (Babysitter Jitters), Droosha throwing a party (Momnesia), and talking to Caped Koala (Black Is The New Pink).


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