Power Ring
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Name Power Ring
Origin Passed down from Great Aunt to Great Niece.
Owner Guy
SheZow (character)
Introduced in SheZow

The magic ring is responsible for transforming its selected wearer into the mantle of SheZow. Once the ring is put on, it can never be removed until its wearer passes away.

The ring has been used by many women throughout history, passed down from great aunts to great nieces, until Guy Hamdon discovered it in the home of his deceased Aunt Agnes, and put it on as a joke, becoming the first male ever to wear the ring.

It is revealed that the ring can be removed as long as "The day ends in the letter Y, or if SheZow has a twin sister". Since Kelly is Guy's twin sister, the ring was passed to her but gave it back to him after she realizes she is not cut out for the work and was terrified of villains when she faced them herself.