Beautility Belt
Shezow's beautility belt
Name Beautility Belt
Type Carrier
Owner Guy
SheZow (character)
Introduced in SheZow Happens

SheZow's Beautility Belt contains an arsenal of Shemazing gadgets. Allowing it to be safe and easy for SheZow to carry around weapons to fight off enemies and keep himself out of constant danger.

"Too bad Guy only gets to wear the belt when he's SheZow; looks like he could really use it."

Weapons and ToolsEdit

  • Vanishing Cream: SheZow can use the vanishing cream to disappear.
  • Laser Lipstick: A laser that is disguised as a tube of lipstick.
  • Boomerang Brush: An un-ordinary brush, that can be used as a boomerang.
  • Insect She-Pellent: Can fight off bugs/insects.
  • Ballistic Fishnets: An orb that explodes into a net to capture enemies.
  • Mega She-Zow Super Umbrella: An umbrella that can reflect attacks.
  • Rope In A Can: SheZow uses this weapon to tie up enemies.
  • Compact Communicator: Used by SheZow to contact Kelly in the episode Sarcazmo The Great.
  • Mega Mascara Whiplash: A whip that SheZow received as he/she was battling Tara in the Episode ShePhat.
  • Turbo tweezers: Allows SheZow to pluck any civilian and/or enemy from harm's way, first introduced on SheZow Wow-Day in the episode SheZap is Whack.
  • Clippers of Courage: Used in the episode Glamageddon, to fight off Tara's Nails of Annihilation.