Name SheZap
Sex Male/Female
Age N/A (Presumably 12)
Species Result of Toxic waste
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in SheZap, Episode 3
Voiced by Samuel Vincent

SheZap is an evil clone/dark side that was created by SheZow's fingernail when he flicked it into the air, causing it to bounce off and land into a vat of toxic waste. SheZap has the ability to turn into a shadow version of Guy.

Official Biography

SheZap is SheZow's clone and shadow side. SheZap can disappear into the shadows and emerge somewhere else, as long as it is in shadow. SheZap loves to call SheZow "toots". She/He was created by one of Guy's hangnails falling into a vat of toxic waste, SheZap was "born" with a fully grown body and a keen, if twisted, mind. SheZap was ultimately sealed away inside a glamrock by SheZow.


Physically, SheZap bears a striking resemblance to Guy, both normal and as SheZow, although with altered coloring because of his creation. As a result, his skin is a greenish shade, and his hair has green streaks in it, and his costume and hair as SheZap are in shades of green and black.


SheZap is one of the most thoroughly malevolent of Guy's adversaries. He even seems to be aware that he is evil - and is proud of it. Thoroughly cunning and duplicitous, he will happily betray anybody for his own benefit, and is ever ready to enrich himself at others' expense.


SheZap's powers and utilities are the almost the same as SheZow's except that there are some minor and major differences between them.

  • Super Strength: SheZap has the power to lift heavy cars, large objects, etc, and renders him practically indestructible.
  • Super Speed: SheZap can run faster than the world's speediest race car.
  • Heavy Handed Super She-Slap: SheZap's hand swells up and is able to smack the foe with a super hard slap.
  • Beautility Belt: Contains an arsenal of tools and weapons used by SheZap.
  • Killer Curling Wand: SheZap's version of the Laser Lipstick, which produces a red blade.
  • Intangibility: Unlike SheZow, SheZap has the power to go intangible and escape into the shadows.
  • Ultra-Glam Mega-Ram She-Slam: A technique that reflects an attack back as a beam of energy to strike the opponent, a technique that even Guy was unaware of. First used in ShePal.


  • SheZap is the first Super Villain to defeat SheZow and get away.
  • Like SheZow's "You Go, Girl!" SheZap says "You Glow, Girl!"
  • To call SheZap to action, all you have to do is whistle. (Stated by SheZap himself while escaping in the ending of SheZap; "If you ever need me, just whistle!" followed by a clever, clear whistle.)
  • SheZap has powers that SheZow himself is unaware of, such as his; Ultra-Glam Mega-Ram She-Slam.

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