Season 1, episode 6
Broadcast Number: 6
Airdate: June 15, 2013
Written by: Brendan Luno
"S.I.C.K. Day"

"SheZap" is the sixth episode in the first season of SheZow. It is the sixth episode overall.


In the SheLair Guy refuses to get a manicure from Kelly. A she-mergency alerts them that a fire is raging at a popcorn factory. SheZow saves the day but in the process breaks a nail. He spits his nail into some toxic chemicals as he drives away. Later, Megadale is taken over by a bunch of goo. SheZow and Maz check it out but Maz gets stuck. In an alleyway, SheZow meets his evil twin SheZap, who spawned from the fingernail he spit into the goo. SheZow chases SheZap but he gets away. They confront each other again at the subway station but SheZap gets the best of him. SheZow rescues Maz and an incoming train at the last second. Meanwhile, SheZap turns into Bizarro Guy and has dinner with the Hamdons. Kelly confronts him and Bizarro Guy flees. He turns into SheZap and battles SheZow a final time in a subway car. Getting the upper hand, SheZap super slaps SheZow out of the train. He escapes to cause trouble another day. Later, Guy finally gives in and lets Kelly give him that manicure.