Senor Yo-Yo
Senior Yoyo
Name Senor Yo-Yo
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in S.I.C.K. Day, episode 7
Voiced by Lyall Brooks

Senor Yo-Yo is a Mexican themed villain who attempts to destroy SheZow along side Mega Monkey, Mocktopus, and Spit Bubble after joining S.I.C.K. Headquarters


Senor Yo-Yo's appearance consists of;

  • A red, baggy shirt with lightly puffed shoulders. covered with a poncho. Consisting of the color theme of orange and red, with a huge yellow yo-yo on the center of the chest, and a set of blue and yellow bangles on the ends.
  • A pair of black bell bottom pants.
  • A pair of red elf like shoes, that curl at the tips.
  • A black mask and a pair of finger-less gloves to match.
  • Brunette hair, with a curl protruding in the front, with a matching Dali styled Mustache.


  • Yo-Yos: Consisting of multiple colors, yo-yos are his main weapon, given the name Senor Yo-Yo!

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