S.I.C.K. Headquarters
S.I.C.K. Headquarters
Name S.I.C.K. Headquarters
Type Evil Headquarters
Ruler Mega Monkey

S.I.C.K. headquarters is the headquarters for the group of super villains of S.I.C.K The headquarters is located on top of a tall mountain. The outside looks like a monkey skull or Mega Monkey 's staff


These are rooms in the headquarters for S.I.C.K

Conference RoomEdit

Headquarters S.I.C.K Conference Room

This is the conference room of S.I.C.K. This is the room where all the members of S.I.C.K disscuss stuff and plot evil. This room first appeared in S.I.C.K. Day. The room conference is red and gold and decorated with various monkey themed paintings and monkey skulls.


The bathroom is mentioned and barely seen. The bathroom has golden stalls and has "nice" towels.