"S.I.C.K. Day"
Season 1, episode 7
S.I.C.K Day
Broadcast Number: 7
Airdate: June 22, 2013
Written by: Lazar Saric
"Stuck Up"

"S.I.C.K Day" is the seventh episode in the first season of SheZow. It is the seventh episode overall.


Guy and Maz try to make some Schmooey Gooey treats in the backyard but Maz ends up all covered in it. Elsewhere, Mega Monkey assembles Megadale's worst villains offering whoever destroys SheZow, they get a membership into an evil secret society. SheZow fights Senor Yo-Yo at the Megadale Coin show but it all goes wrong and Boxter ends up stuck to the villain in an embarrassing pose. The next day they are pictured on the front page of the newspaper. This happens again with Mocktopus who was attacking a yacht. SheZow and friends devise a plan to catch Candy Rapper but give Boxter the credit. At the Museum of Fruit Toppings Candy Rapper tries to put SheZow in a box but he uses his boomerang brush to slice it in half. In retaliation Candy Rapper throws some explosive candy rocks. Even though they bounce off SheZow, he falls and pretending to be helpless as Boxter and the police enter. Boxter grabs one of Candy Rappers canes and smacks him with it. Revenge never tasted so sweet. The next day Boxter made the front page again but this time, he stands triumphantly over the bad guys.



  • When Senor Yo-Yo is holding the flyer of S.I.C.K, The Flames are out of place at some scenes.