Pushy Pirate Posse
Pushy Pirate Posse
Name Pushy Pirate Posse
Sex Males
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Former Villains
Introduced in SheZow Happens, episode 1
Voiced by Taj Moore
David-Myles Brown
The Pushy Pirate Posse are a group of three pirates who are known for what they do best; stealing. The P.P.P is also known as one of the "pushiest" gangs in Megadale. Shown stealing things such as; items from a Movie Gallery Store; MegaBuster (snacks, movies, drinks), Jewelry from wandering citizens, robbing booties from a baby booty store, and both Brian Smirk 's hair and microphone; live on the Megadale News.


Pushy Pirate #1-

  • A large, black pirate hat. With the print of a skull and crossbones located in the center of the fabric. With a red, piece of fabric to hold it in place.
  • A black eyepatch, covering his left eye.
  • A large, bushy black beard. Covering most of his face and ending at the length of his abdomen.
  • A black and grey color chemed hook, replacing his right hand.
  • A white dress shirt, tucked into a blue belt and/ or piece of fabric.
  • Large maroon coat, with the patterns of a zig-zag stitch on the cuffs and opening. With a darker red for the collar and cuffs. Ending the cuffs with white cotton puffs.
  • A pair of maroon pants to match, tucked into the bottom of his left peg leg, and his right boot.
  • A single, mud toned boot. Rolled down under the knee.
  • A brownish, faded peg leg. Replacing his left foot.

Pushy Pirate #2-

  • A white shirt, the sleeves slightly rolled up to the elbows. Covered in a repeat of for horizontal lines.
  • A pair of black pants with a grey like tint to them, slightly bagged at the bottoms. With a navy blue piece of fabric (similiar to Pushy Pirate #1 and #3's) around the waist.
  • A pair of brown, high heel boots. Similar to cowboy like boots. (similar, but darker than Pushy Pirate #3's)
  • A clean, shaved head.

Pushy Pirate #3-

  • A orange head wrap, wrapped around the top of his skull. Which appears to have a yellow skull and crossbones on the middle of it.
  • Curly, messy ebony hair. With a curled soul-patch (beard) to match.
  • A white dress shirt. Appearing to be puffed at the sleeves and revealing a slight view of the chest, and over lapped with a rugged and torn grey coat.
  • Navy blue baggy pants, a similar color to the blue fabric located on his waist (Identical to Pushy Pirate #1 and #2). Messily tucked into his boots.
  • Brown boots, similiar to Pushy Pirate #2's except in a lighter tone.

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