Season 0, episode 0
Airdate: May 4, 2007
Director: Obie Scott Wade
Written by: Chris Savino Obie Scott Wade Merriwether Williams
"SheZow Happens"
The original pilot was a segment that played on the show Shorty McShorts.


12-year-old Guy Hammond accidentally becomes a superhero, but the ring that gives him his powers was only meant to be worn by a woman. Whenever danger is near, the ring changes Guy into SheZow, a female superhero with hilarious feminine powers, such as a super-slap, a sonic scream and feminine intuition. He/she also wears a beautility belt containing weapons concealed inside feminine products, like laser lipstick and vanishing cream. Guy's parents recently inherited a house from their deceased Aunt Agnes and its in her basement where Guy's sister, Kelly finds the power ring. A big fan of SheZow, Kelly is thrilled to learn that Aunt Agnes was SheZow. Kelly is about to put the ring on herself, when Guy snatches it from her and starts fooling around. He puts it on and becomes SheZow. Then he learns that it does not come off. Afterwards Guy (as SheZow) sees that his friend, Jose (prototype version of Maz), is in trouble so he finds Jose tied to a tree by two members that Guy played football with, after using his powers to save Jose, Jose falls in love with SheZow, when Guy reverts back to Guy, Jose tries to tell Guy about how he likes SheZow (who is really Guy).