Name Periwinkle
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Fairy
Occupation Ex-Assistant Tooth Fairy
Dog Tooth Fairy
Relatives The Tooth Fairly (Aunt)
Introduced in Dental Breakdown, episode 30
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
"Shut the Front Door!"

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Periwinkle is the nephew of The Tooth Fairly, wanting to gain power away from his "dodo job", resulting in him stealing away Guy's missing tooth. After nearly being caught, he tries everything in his path to stop SheZow from interfering with his plans. 

Failing miserably in the end; reforming him down to Dog Tooth Fairy.


Periwinkle's appearance consists of:

  • A red, short sleeved tunik with pointed, frilled ends. Given a black belt on his waist with the buckle of a star, symbolizing his job; Tooth Fairy.
  • A pair of tuquoise-ish, baby blue tights, overlapped by his "dress".
  • A pair of small, black boots. Pointed at the tips, and slightly high on the heels.
  • Rather messy, ebony hair. With a set of thick eyebrows to match.

The Sabbertooth Fairy

  • A skin similiar to a tiger.
  • A pair of wings.
  • Torn  green shorts.
  • Torn red shirt.
  • A black belt.


  • Tooth Fairy Wand: With the power of Guy (SheZow)'s tooth, it allows the turquoise weapon to expand in size and in power. Allowing such powers as lasers shoot out of it with a flick of the wrist.


  • After robbing Guy of his tooth, Periwinkle is able to grow himself in an over-size anthromorphic sabbertooth; known as The Sabbertooth Fairy.
  • Periwinkle is rather full of himself, shown to be talking to a magically formed replica of himself; allowing it to compliment him before sending it away into a burst of fairy dust.
  • His complete name is: Periwinkle Rafael Ninnymuggins ( )