Old Troll
Old Troll
Name Old Troll
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Troll
Occupation Gate Keeper
Introduced in Crash Thunder, episode 31
Voiced by N/A

Old Troll is a troll that works for Troll Industry's, refusing to let Maz, Crash, and SheZow know information about a troll named "George". When giving refusal towards the three about any information about the trolls, he lets them in on a secret; a tradition- or a TROLL-dition if you will.

Speaking in a scratchy tone, the troll usually gives off an ugly appearance, with a voice to match!


The Old Troll's appearance consists of;

  • Green, moss like skin. With patches of a darker green (indicating age; spots), and warts (bumps) protruding from his face and the top of his head.
  • Aged, white hair. Only coming from the beard located on his neck that is cut to the length of his waist, the tops of his feet, and the strands of hair located on his back; peeking from his shoulders.
  • A brown loin-cloth. Located around his waist and held up by a similar colored belt (band) with a small skull on the buckle and/ or center.
  • Brown bands, similar to the color of his cloth. Wrapping around his wrists.


  • Insulting a troll, appears to be a compliment to them.
  • A tradition, or as they say a Troll-dition; Appears to be wrestling.