Mrs. Creature
Name Mrs. Creature
Sex Female
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Teacher
Introduced in Family Tree, episode 12
Voiced by Elizabeth Nabben

Mrs. Creature is both Maz, Guy and Kelly's teacher. She first appears in the episode Family Tree. Like usual teachers, Mrs. Creature is uptight, and expects good work from her students.


Mrs. Creature's appearance consists of;

  • A black jacket, over lapping most of her outfit, and ending at her wrists.
  • A white dress shirt, covered by the black coat of her outfit.
  • A blue-ish, black skirt, cascading down to her feet as it slightly overlaps on her shoes.
  • Faded, brunette hair. Messily but neatly tucked into a bun.
  • A pair of small, hoop like earrings.
  • And finally, a large mole, located on the left side of her nose.


  • She appears to have a small disliking towards Kelly, playing the favorite card between the twins.
  • Her great, great, great grandmother appears to have won a beauty contest back near the 1800s, depsite the two being very similar in appearance.
  • In the episode Family Tree, it appears she teaches a history class.

Episode Appearances Edit