Name Mocktopus
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species 1/4 Shark

1/4 Octopus
1/4 Stringray
1/4 Narwhal

Occupation Former Villain
Relatives MamaPus (Mother)
Introduced in S.I.C.K. Day, Episode 7
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
Mocktopus is shown to be part shark, narwhal, octopus and stingray- Mocktopus is a giant sea monster with an annoying tendency to mock what people say, but not only that; he's a living image of both immature and non-threatening. With his high-pitched voice and self-defeating ways, Mocktopus is more dangerous to himself than he is to others.


Mocktopus' appearance consists of;

  • A large, unicorn like bronze horn sitting on the snout of his face; similiar to a narwhal's.
  • Green, slimey seaweed; protruding from the top of his head to symbolize hair.
  • The color scheme of a mint green and a moss like, seaweed color; of scaley, slimey skin.
  • A pair of yellow spikes, protruding from the center of his back. To symbolize the parts of a shark.
  • A set of eight, long tentacles with the similar color scheme of his facial features.
  • Burrowed underneath the long limbs is a "special surprise" shown as a stingray-like tail- allowing him to electrocute foes.


  • Mocking: Not much of a power, but with his high, obnoxious voice I'm sure it would send anyone running.
  • Tentacles: With the set of 8, slimey limbs; Mocktopus can entangle any opposing foe in their suction cup traps.
  • Tail Whip: With a coating of electricity and "pain", Mocktopus can knock an enemy back with the sway of his tail.

Trivia Edit

  • Mocktopus is a "mock up" of Sharktopus.
  • Revealed in Mr Nice Guy, Mocktopus appears to have issues with his mother; desiring to please her and/ or make her proud of him.

Episode Appearances Edit