Mega Monkey
Name Mega Monkey
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Chimpanzee
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in S.I.C.K. Day, Episode 7
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
A super-evil intelligent primate from the future, Mega Monkey's main goal is to eliminate SheZow and run Megadale so the people can worship him. Mega Monkey appears to speak in a near-Shakespearean dialect and is very condescending to all. He particularly has a "mega" hatred toward SheZow from the fears of the future taking over him.


Mega Monkey's appearance consists of;

  • A large, black and green color schemed jacket. The color green going down a vertical line on his chest, ending at the waist, And a set of horizontal lines on the ends of the cuffs and the shoulders.
  • A pair of blue glasses, somewhat in an anime-like style.
  • A violet tint of fur, covering from head to two and only revealing his face, ears, hands and feet. Making a large tuff (similar to Brouhaha 's) on the top of his head, along with tuffs protruding from his cheeks on his face.
  • A large, ebony unibrow.
  • Peach colored skin, only revealed on his face, ears, hands, and feet.


Besides his enhanced intellect and the natural skills and abilities afforded to his species, Mega Monkey wields a golden monkey skull cane with ruby eyes; Which can fire lasers. It is also shown that he has a multiple amount of other utilities and gadgets.


  • In the future, it appears Mega Monkey is trapped in a clear, pickle jar by SheZow. Which he ends up placing on the She-Lair closet shelf.
  • It's revealed in the comic Sleepless n' She-addled that Mega Monkey isn't actually a monkey; but a chimpanzee.
  • It's also revealed in Sleepless n' She-addled that Mega Monkey's mother is in jail.