Maz Kepler
Maz Kepler
Name Maz Kepler
Sex Male
Age 14
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Sidekick
Best Friend
Relatives Missing Link (Character) (uncle)
Introduced in SheZow Happens, Episode 1
Voiced by Matt Hill

Maz Kepler is one of the shows main protagonists and is best friends with the shows main character, Guy Hamdon. Maz loves to dress up as different sidekick costumes in every episode like Bed Head, Nick of Time and Captain Debacle. Maz was first introduced in SheZow Happens; while laughing at Guy because he became the female superhero, SheZow


Completely genuine and enthusiastic to a fault- Maz is like a brother to Guy. He loves being SheZow's sidekick, dressing as an array of creative personalities like Bed Head, Nick of Time and Captain Debacle to name a few. So, which sidekick is he going to be today? Who knows? Anything and everything is possible!


Maz's main appearance (other than wearing sidekick costumes) consists of;

  • A yellow short sleeve shirt. Covering a long, black sleeve sweater with grey cuffs.
  • A pair of dark blue, slim fit skinny jeans.
  • A pair of black converse, similar to Guy's but with a lighter tint, black soles, and yellow toe caps.
  • Black hair, with his hair slightly tucked behind his ear. Ending mid-way down his neck.

Sidekick Personas

  • Meatier Man
  • Dan-o-flage
  • The Grip
  • The Man-a-curist
  • Bed Head
  • Major Fluoride
  • Time-Travel Boy
  • The Prisonerrr (or; The Prisonerrrdd)
  • Corduroy Boy
  • Splatter Lad
  • Mighty Mop
  • Nick of time
  • SheZow's Agent (Un-named)
  • Cupid
  • Ridi-cules
  • The Utensil
  • The Grease Monkey
  • The Food-Court Jester
  • Bazarra Capybara
  • SheZow's Flight Attendant (Un-named)
  • Chick-Pee
  • Spinodactoraptorsaurus (Or; Kid Lizard)
  • McMaz
  • Pop-Star
  • The MAZtermind
  • The Lawn Ranger
  • Helium Head
  • Wolf Bone
  • Freezer Pop n' Lock
  • Captain Dibocle
  • Super Duper Sticker Dude
  • Lost and Found Boy
  • Beardamus
  • Default; Black eye mask and a long, blue cape.
  • Comic Book; Nighty Knight


  • Maz wears a different costume in every episode of SheZow (except for the episodes which he doesn't appear in.)
  • Maz has a fictional female counterpart: Maizy
  • Maz was apparently held back in first grade, so Maz is currently 14 years old.
  • It's revealed in the episode Stuck Up, that Maz doesn't have any siblings.
  • Maz has a crush on Guy's twin sister, Kelly Hamdon.
  • In the episode Missing Link, Maz admits to feeling envy towards Guy and Kelly for having famous/well-known relatives.


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