Manny Ken
Manny Ken
Name Manny Ken
Sex Male
Species Mannequin
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in A Walk in My Heels, episode 15
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
A large, over-sized mannequin that begins to attack Megadale in the episode A Walk in My Heels, causing trouble towards both Her-cules (Kelly) and Ridi-cules (Maz), causing Guy (SheZow) to save them. Manny Ken also has the power to be able to remove his limbs and use them as weapons.

He also appears to be highly oppsessed with his fashion sense, as he constantly brags about it, and takes offense when others ruin his threads.


Manny Ken's appearance consists of;

  • A white dress shirt, going to the length of his wrists.
  • A pair of beige khaki pants, as SheZow apparently "mistakenly" rip with his Boomerang Brush.
  • A pair of large black loafers, that Kelly ruins (scuffs) by kicking them.
  • Black, neatly slicked back hair.
  • A large manakin body, most likely created/ build by a scientist.