Maizy Kepler
Name Maizy Kepler
Sex Female
Age N/A ( could be Maz's age; 14)
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Sidekick
Best friend
Introduced in SheZow Meets DudePow, episode 9
Voiced by Cecelia Ramsdale
Maizy is an alternate reality version of Maz Kepler. Who helps along side Gal Hamdon, Gal's "twin" brother, Kelli, and their super computer, Dudley.

In similarity, also dresses in sidekick attire ( as shown in DudePow Returns) to help alongside Gal.

Appearance Edit

Maizy's appearance consists of;

  • A yellow dress-like shirt, that has a black sleeves and a collar.
  • A blue skirt, that stops near the tops of her knees.
  • A pair of white knee socks that end at the bottom of her knees. (Seen under her archer get-up in the episode DudePow Returns)
  • A pair of black, slick dress shoes.
  • Long ebony hair that ends in the middle of her back.

Episode Appearances Edit


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