Madame Curiador
Name Madame Curiador
Sex Female
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Tour Guide
Owner of Supernatural Museum
Introduced in Supernatural History, episode 51
Voiced by Jacqueline Brennan

Madame Curiador is known as the owner and main tour guide for the Supernatural History Museum, enforcing kids and tourists to keep their hands off the artifacts and to keep everything in line.  It is shown in Supernatural History; Madame Curiador is building a "secret" show case related to SheZow . After stumbling upon it by mistake, Guy is nearly taken down a peg from the selfish ways of wanting the ring for her own.


Madame Curiador's appearance consists of;

  • A white dress shirt, tucked into the waist-line of her skirt.
  • A maroon colored jacket, the sleeve rolled up to the middle of her arms, and the length going down to the middle of her abdomen, stopping where her skirt starts.
  • A black skirt, all the way up past the top of her waist. Stopping right past the knees.
  • A pair of black, pointed-toe pumps.
  • White hair, indicating her age. Cut into a curl at the ends where it ends a little over her shoulders.


  • At the ending of Supernatural History, it is shown that Madame Curiador is imprisoned in stone after viewing Guy with Madusa like hair.



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