Kelly Deonne Hamdon
Name Kelly Deonne Hamdon
Sex Female
Age 12
Species Human
Occupation Head of the International SheZow Fan Club
Relatives Guy Hamdon (Twin Brother)
Agnes Monroe (Great Aunt)
Droosha Hamdon (Mother)
Boxter Hamdon (Father)
Cowgirl SheZow
Roman SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Introduced in SheZow Happens, Episode 1
Voiced by Diana Kaarina

Kelly Hampton is Guy's sister. Head of the International SheZow Fan Club, Kelly fancies herself an expert on all things SheZow and all things in general. She's an adorable do-gooder who was destined to become SheZow, until her twin brother snatched the Power Ring and her fate right out of the palm of her hand, although she is not that bitter about it.


Kelly is considered your average do-gooder; being described as Guy's polar opposite. Being intelligent for her age, and quick on her feet, Kelly is the type of person to push you to do better or face the consequences that come with the lack of action. Not only that but she's a certified know-it-all about Megadale's pink super-heroine SheZow!

In the series, Kelly could be considered a small bully towards Guy's lack of action reactions to his duties of being SheZow; giving up his identity and stealing a(n) $100 bill from the Megadale National Savings Bank just to name a few.


Kelly's appearance consists of:

  • A white dress shirt, covered by a grey, white, and purple diamond-patterned sweater vest.
  • A purple skirt, that reaches the length to the middle of her thighs.
  • A pair of white and purple-ish grey knee socks that begin at the end of her knees.
  • A pair of purple and black checkered dress shoes that have black soles and tips.
  • Black hair that is tied back in a pony-tail, with a purple streak cascading down it.


  • Kelly has an alter-ego who was first introduced in; A Walk In My Heels, going by the name, Her-cules that she created after Guy had tricked her into believing that she had emerging superpowers. Kelly was assisted by Maz, who went by the sidekick name; Re-dicules.

Catch Phrases

  • "Oh my goddess!" When something shocking/ exciting or unbelievable happens.
  • "OMGGG2! (Oh-em-triple G-squared)" Also spoken when something shocking/ exciting and/ or unbelievable happens.
  • "Holy SheZow!" Used when something unbelievable happens (Also used by Guy.)



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