Name Grilla
Sex Female
Age N/A
Species Anthromorphic Fire
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in SheZow Meets DudePow, episode 9
Voiced by Jacqueline Brennan

Grilla is a reverse alternate version of Cold Finger from the same dimension DudePow resides in, as opposed to Cold Finger's cold powers- Grilla can control flames and heat.


Grilla's appearance consists of;

  • Orangish, red skin. Similar to cold finger; relating to her powers.
  • A full coat inspired by a Teppanyaki chef, but instead of white; it's painted with the color scheme of black, but with red and yellow flame patterns on it beginning at the wrists and waist. And a red Jalapeno Pepper symbol on the chest, surrounded by a green flame.
  • A large Teppanyaki Chef like hat, matching the color and design scheme of her outfit; A flame emerging from the bottom.
  • A pair of red high heels, with an orange tint of the tips.
  • A coating of black lipstick across her lips.
  • And yellow/ orangish hair, peeking from the back of her head (hat). Ending a bit past the shoulders.

Powers and Abilities

  • FireBalls; Similar to ColdFinger's Ice powers; A dangerous power shot from the hands, allowing Grilla to vary them in size.
  • Power of Fire; Allowing the ability to command fire from the palms of her hands.
  • Super Hot Jalapeño Hand Rockets; A spicy, red, fruit cascaded by a green flame. Summoned and thrown to trap the enemy in a cage with ease.


  • Like Cold Finger and SheZow, Grilla and DudePow are also arch nemesis'.
  • Cold finger and grilla have a crush on each other it seems, despite their different state of beings.


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