Glint Eastwood
Name Glint Eastwood
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (homosapien)
Occupation Super Hero
Group Leader
Introduced in No Girls Allowed, episode 40
Voiced by N/A

 Glint Eastwood, also known as the former leader and charmer of the Super Hero Action Guild's group of male super heroes; Excelsor. Glint appears to have a charm to his style, which involves minusing out all female super heroes in a heartbeat from joining their league. Soon being called to court, and pointing multiple false accusations toward SheZow for wanting to join his group, Glint soon has a change of heart after seeing SheZow in action to save him, and multiple citizens' lives when trapped by the ruler of S.I.C.K , a.k.a.; Mega Monkey .


Glint Eastwood's appearance consists of;

  • A large, full cherry red body suit. With a large, golden, eight pointed star in the center of the chest. And the golden scheme making horizontal lines across the waist, wrists, and collar.
  • The back being slightly overlapped with a yellow cape-like fabric, slightly tied around his neck in a large, overhand knot, the bottom ending with a orange tint.
  • Large, yellow/ golden boots. Ending right in the center of the calves.
  • Large, neatly slicked back hair. In the style similiar to Brian Smirk and/ or Fibberachee .


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