Geek Sheikh
Name Geek Sheikh
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Super Hero
Technology Handyman
Introduced in No Girls Allowed, episode 40
Voiced by N/A

Geek Sheikh appears to be known as the high tech, intelligent member of the Super Hero Action Guild's group of male super heroes; EXCELSOR. Being high and mighty, and knowing a thing or two around a broken circuit. Geek sheikh knows anything about technology, as shown in the episode Unplugged; Geek Sheikh explains a sort of digital graphics that only appear to someone with a high intelligence reading. You need help fixing any technology that involves super hero business? He's the guy to look for!


Geek sheikh's appearance consists of;

  • A black turban, located at the top of his head. Appearing to be overlapping a small cap, and/ or wrap of a similiar color.
  • Large, rectangular-like framed glasses. Resting on the bridge of his nose. 
  • A brunette, somewhat coffee colored beard. Spreading across most of the structure of his face.
  • A blue and black color schemed cloak. With the abdomen of the large jacket revealing him from the waist down. With vertical lines going down the sides of the opening, and a spiked pattern across the wrists of the sleeves.
  • A caramel colored oversized shirt, somewhat like a long sleeved tunik. Overlapped by the cloak, it's sleeves slightly reveal themselves on the outside of it. Appearing to have small, darker, rectangles on them.
  • Black, dress like pants. Baggy at the ends and overlapping his pointed toe, slightly heeled, blue shoes.
  • White socks, overlapped by the odd styled shoes. But slightly revealed that the tops.


  • The Sheikh in Geek's name appears to be an Arabic word meaning the elder of a tribe, a lord, a revered old man, or an Islamic scholar. Sheikh or Shaikh may also refer to: Sheikh (Sufism), a Sufi leader.

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