Gal Hamdon
Name Gal Hamdon
Sex Female
Age 12
Species Human
Occupation Hero
Relatives Kelli Hamdon
Introduced in SheZow Meets DudePow
Voiced by Cecelia Ramsdale

Gal Hamdon is a 12-year-old kid, similar to Guy Hamdon; she is most likely the type of girl to fool around and ditch responsibility alongside her best friend, Maizy. While her up-tight brother, Kelli keeps her in check.

Like Guy; She found a power ring that belonged to her late Uncle [Name currently unknown], the original DudePow. And now is granted with super strength, speed, and an arsenal of crime fighting gadgets. Being known as one of the largest, and most beloved super heroes in the Alternate version of Megadale. Fighting crime alongside her best friend Maizy Kepler, her "twin" brother Kelli Hamdon, and her super computer; Dudley. Keeping the city safe from the likes of Grilla and other evil doers.


Gal's wardrobe consists of;

  • The DudePow power ring, located on her index finger on her right hand.
  • A blue top that ends at the beginning of her shoulders.
  • A long beige skirt that ends exactly at the beginning of her knees.
  • A pair of black converse, with white tips, black soles, and grey tongues.
  • Black hair that ends at shoulder length, with streaks of brown/ reddish hair coming from the sides.

Catch phrases Edit

  • "The name is DudePow!" Introduction in the episode SheZow meets DudePow.
  • "Sock it to me, Broseph!" The phrase Gal uses to turn into DudePow.
  • "He-yeah!" The phrase Gal uses to turn back into herself.


  • Gal is the alternate reality; Guy Hamdon.
  • Gal's middle name is Elizabeth.
  • Gal's best friend is Maizy Kepler.
  • Gal attends the alternate reality version of Megadale Middle school, alongside Kelli and Maizy.

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