Name DudePow
Age 12
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Super Hero
Relatives Kelli Hamdon (Sibling; Twin brother)
Introduced in SheZow Meets DudePow
Voiced by Cecelia Ramsdale

DudePow is the alternate universe and gender-bent version of SheZow, who's real identity is Gal Hamdon.

Like Guy Hamdon. She found a power ring that belonged to her late Uncle, the original DudePow. Now, DudePow is granted with super strength, speed, and an arsenal of crime fighting gadgets. Being known as one of the largest, and most beloved super heroes in the Alternate version of Megadale. Fighting crime alongside her best friend Maizy Kepler, her "twin" brother Kelli Hamdon, and her super computer; Dudley. Keeping the city safe from the likes of Grilla and other evil doers.


DudePow's appearance consists of:

  • A top that is overlapped by a short sleeve, blue shirt.
  • A pair of black latex gloves that end before the elbows.
  • Belt arrayed with high tech gadges, with the color scheme of black and blue. Along with the famous DudePow D emblem in the center.
  • Black straps located in the center of the chest that hold the DudePow D symbol in the center.
  • Calve high boots with rough spikes protruding from the sides and top, with blue soles.
  • A cape down to the bottoms of his feet, the colors light navy blue, with the tips of baby blue.
  • Blue shorts, that ends at the middle of his/her thighs.
  • Short ebony hair that castcades to streaks of blue highlights (similar to Guy's original hair), styled in a messy fashion.


  • Super Strength: Allows Dudepow to pick up objects, weapons, vehicles, and buildings with a heavy weight with ease.
  • Super Speed: Grants DudePow the appility to be able to run at unbelieveable speeds, making him/ her faster than the world's speediest race car.
  • The Heavy Handed Super He-Slap: Similiar to SheZow's Heavy Handed Super She-Slap; with the power of being able to swell the hand up to an unbelievable size, allowing to bat enemies away with ease.

Weapons and Tools

  • Hyper sonic dude-chuck


  • Like SheZow and Cold Finger, DudePow and Grilla are also arch-nemesis.
  • Like SheZow's "You Go, Girl!", DudePow's transformation catchphrase is "Sock it to Me, Broseph!"
  • DudePow's main wreakness is Destructionite. Similar to SheZow's weakness being her hair.
  • DudePow is the alternate version of Guy Hamdon (SheZow).
  • DudePow's evil counterpart is BroLicious, similar to SheZap.
  • Dudepow also has a "twin" brother who goes by the name Kelliwho looks nothing like her.

Episode Appearances