Dr. Frankenweather
Dr. Frankenweather
Name Dr. Frankenweather
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Former Villain
Introduced in Meet Dr. Frankenweather, episode 32
Voiced by Taj Moore
Dr. Frankenweather is a super villain, also "formerly" known by his original name; Ezra J. Frankenweather.  Now with his head in the clouds, he controls a flying evil lab that controls the weather- ruining Guy and Maz's sunny day for play.


Frankenweather's appearance consists of;

  • Large, unkept, faded grey hair. Somewhat similar into a style of being electrocuted by lightning, with light streaks of lightning bolts going through his hair.
  • A pair of large goggles, set on the top of his forehead near the roots of his hair.
  • A large, white lab-coat. With small, black bands wrapped around the forearms, and the design of small, golden lightning bolts on each shoulder.
  • Black, faded gloves. Overlapped by the cuffs of the lab-coat.
  • Light blue, faded denime pants, overlapped by the lab-coat.
  • A pair of black, slightly heeled boots. Slightly overlapped by his pants.


  • Along with using the annoying word "ness" after a few words, he controls robots and multiple inventions of his with lightning.
  • Ezra J. Frankenweather is known as a "failed weatherman", with his head in the clouds; he manages to forecast 100 wrong weather forecasts in a row.

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