Crash Thunder
Crash Thunder
Name Crash Thunder
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Wrestler
Relatives Crash Thunder's Mother (Mother)
Introduced in Crash Thunder, episode 31
Voiced by Lyall Brooks

Crash Thunder is a Irish viking wrestler that is afraid of nothing except trolls. Introduced in his very own episode, Crash Thunder was shown to forfeit to his rival; Freddie Fartonavich. Supposedly, being "betrayed" and back-stabbed by his former, ex-manager; Tony Bologna. With the help of SheZow; he gains the courage to face his fear, and find out the plan behind all this troll business.


Crash's appearance consists of;

  • A large, metallic viking helmet. 
  • Long, flowing ginger/ orange colored hair, Reaching down to the middle of his back as it's overlapped by his helmet, with a braid Similar to the one on his beard on the ends.
  • A beard, similar to the color of his hair. And slightly braided into large knots at the end.
  • Blue, wrestling tights. With the symbol of a lightning bolt pattern across the thighs. And held up with a brown band around his waist.
  • A pair of light mocha, battle (combat) boots. With ruffs of fur located on the top; slightly overlapping his tights.
  • A muscular built body; shirtless for his uniform/ costume.


  • Crash Thunder appears to have a fear of trolls, even stating; "I'm not afraid of nothing! Except for trolls..they're my one fear!"
  • Crash Thunder's entire name appears to be; Crash Bartholomew Alexander Thunder- verified by his mother in Crash Thunder.