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Cold Finger
Name Cold Finger
Sex Male
Age 17
Species Anthropomorphic Icicle
Occupation Former Villain
Relatives Cold Finger's Mother (Mother)
Introduced in Cold Finger, Episode 2
Voiced by Lyall Brooks

Cold Finger lives at home with his mom. His real name is Timothy Isaiah Burrstein and formally known as a kid villain who has it in for SheZow. He used to be her number one fan but something happened that no one is talking about and now he's out to get her. Meanwhile he's supposedly decided to join the heroes side and became the former kid villain.


Cold Finger's appearance consists of;

  • A blue parka jacket with a fluff of blue faux fur on the curves of the hood, with pockets located on each side of the arms.
  • A pair of light blue snow pants, tucked into the inside of his boots.
  • Dark blue snow boots, with light blue soles, and a set of faux fur on the edges.
  • Frost bite, blue skin.
  • Icicle hair, formed into an array of spikes and angles.

Powers and Abilities

Cold Finger possesses the power to generate and control snow and ice; he can create blasts of cold, ice missiles and walls of ice from ambient moisture, create living manifestations of ice and snow (such as evil snowmen), as well as forming sleet, snow, freezing rain and even form his body to a living iceberg.

His body appears to be made of ice, as he can extend ice spikes from his arms, and appeared to melt after eating spicy Chipadilla's.


  • He is similar to Johnny Test's Brain Freezer, but the main inspiration was BatMan's Mr. Freeze.
  • His powers are very similar to Iceman, especially being made of living ice.
  • His name is a reference to James Bond Villain Gold Finger.
  • Cold Finger has a fictional female counterpart: Grilla.
  • His personality is similar to Johnny Test's Bling-Bling Boy; full of himself, maniacal, and randomly switching sides between hero to villain.

Episode Appearances


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