The Caped Koala
Caped Koala
Name The Caped Koala
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Koala (Marsupial)
Occupation Super Hero
Introduced in Black Is The New Pink, Episode 28
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
The Caped Koala is a graphic novel super hero and the protector of Lucy; the positive symbol for koalas and wombats who convinced SheZow to have a graphic novel series after bragging about the difference between the novel series and your average comic books.

Personality Edit

Snarky and sneaky, this koala has the same attributes as any other Megadale superhero. With his own graphic novel, and the pride that comes along with it; Caped Koala seems to convince SheZow that she could be a graphic novel super-heroine- helping her as she fails in the process.

Appearance Edit

Cape Koala's appearance consists;

  • A large Grey coat (fur), white a light color of white mixed in, and a grey pouch in the front of his stomach.
  • A long black cape, near the heels of his feet.
  • A pair of black, latex gloves, ending at the wrist.
  • A belt, held with his several gadgets. With the symbol of a caped koala face on the buckle.
  • A pair of blue underwear under his belt.
  • A pair of black boots, ending at the bottoms of the knees.

Catch phrases Edit

  • "I bagel to differ!" Spoken when throwing a bagel into the toaster the Little Moochers threw at him and SheZow.
  • "Eucalyptus" His catch phrase, as told to Guy and pointed out by Maz.

Gallery Edit

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