Brian Smirk
Super Sidekick6
Brian Smirk
Name Brian Smirk
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation News Reporter
Introduced in Super Sidekick, episode 4
Voiced by Lyall Brooks

Brian Smirk is a minor character who is commonly seen as the show host (or news broadcaster) of the Megadale News. Often doing news reports on everything SheZow, or just updating the town on monsterous happenings. With his good looks, and smug smirk; There's no one better for the job!


Brian Smirk's appearance consists of;

  • A two piece, black suit. With a pair of white cuffs revealing themselves on the wrists.
  • A white dress shirt, overlapped by a suit jacket.
  • A tie with the color scheme of black and red; in the form of horizontal lines and tied in the fashion of a pratt knot.
  • Black, shined slightly heeled dress shoes. 
  • Large, ebony hair. Similar to Fibberachee or The Fonz's.


  • Brian Smirk appears to have a fake head of hair (Also known as a toupee- revealed in the episode ShePhat.).

Episode AppearancesEdit