Boxter Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Name Boxter Hamdon
Sex Male
Age 40
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Police officer
Relatives Guy Hamdon (Son)
Kelly Hamdon (Daughter)
Agnes Monroe (Aunt)
Droosha Hamdon (Wife)
Cowgirl SheZow
Roman SheZow
Flora Hamdon
Introduced in SheZow Happens, Episode 1
Voiced by Dan Hamill
Guy and Kelly's father, the local cop on the beat who has a "slight" hatred towards SheZow; because she interferes with police work and constantly steals his thunder. Boxter is known as your typical father, looking after his kids and trying his best to entertain them and keeping their small minds entertained. Strict and difficult to deal with at times, there's nothing he wouldn't do for his family.


Boxter's appearance consists of;

  • A denim tactical " Class B" police uniform, most likely in a two piece ensemble- designed with pockets on each side of the chest.
  • A slick, ebony neck tie; tied in the fashion of a Pratt knot.
  • A police hat to match, with the Megadale Police Force badge on the center.
  • Black tactical shoes, somewhat similar to boots.
  • A law enforcement badge (Police badge) located on his left breast, resembling the city township (Megadale) and/or his name (Boxter Hamdon/ Officer Hamdon)
  • A black belt around the waist, with a silver buckle.
  • Brunette hair, with a slight curl protruding from the forehead.

Out of uniform (shown in Glamageddon and Momnesia );

  • A tan dress-like shirt, neatly tucked into the waist of his pants. Similar to his original uniform.
  • A pair of tan pants- most likely khakis, slightly darker than the upper part to his outfit.
  • Black shoes, and a belt similar to the one used for his uniform.

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