"Babysitter Jitters"
Season 1, episode 13
Babysitter Jitters
Broadcast Number: 19
Airdate: August 3, 2013
Written by: John Hardman
"Family Tree"
"No Tattoo 4 U"

"Babysitter Jitters" is the thirteenth episode in the first season of SheZow. It is the thirteenth episode overall.


Guy's parents, Droosha and Boxter, are getting ready for the annual police ball where Boxter is about to receive an award. The babysitter calls in sick and SheZow offers to babysit for them instead. Boxter isnt so sure, but Droosha is fine with it and takes her husband to the event. Later, Kelly and Maz put on some anti-aging cream that turns them into six year olds. They cause chaos in the She Lair, just as a she-mergency alerts that all the animals have been let out of the zoo. SheZow heads to the zoo with the kids and puts all of the animals back in their pens. When he returns to the Shehicle he finds Maz and Kelly are gone. The cream has turned them into babies, allowing them to escape their car seats. SheZow rescues baby Maz from being eaten by a lion and stops baby Kelly from biting a dingo. At the ball Boxter is receiving his award when Tara and Mega Monkey arrive and freeze everyone with Tara's freeze gun. SheZow arrives and fights the villains. In the process, Tara accidently freezes Mega Monkey and baby Kelly squirts Tara with the anti-aging cream. This turns Tara into a baby and she flees into a portal with a frozen Mega Monkey. Sheila tells SheZow that if he removes the anti from the cream, Maz and Kelly will age back to normal. It works! Everyone unthaws and Kelly tells her parents what a wonderful babysitter SheZow was.